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My Rap Name is Alex albums


New 14 track live album, "Live bits & Beats"
May.1.2020(fri) at 8:30pm

The 5th My Rap Name is Alex album, Live bits & Beats is now available. It includes live looped tracks from my YouTube channel, 4 live tracks with the band that I'm in, BloodThirsty Vegans, and vintage older material from when I was just starting out as a performer including a cool collaboration with the band Ibis.
When We Win
Jun.14.2020(sun) at 9:00am

Donald Trump Geography Genius
Aug.16.2020(sun) at 3:00pm

Weijia Jiang vs. Donald Trump
May.13.2020(wed) at 9:30am

Republicans Saying stuff
Feb.12.2020(wed) at 6:00pm

Dec.01.2019(sun) at 11:00am

A Fun Look Back at My Rap Name is Alex
Nov.15.2019(fri) at 10:00am

New 20 track album, "Ecowrap"
May.1.2018(tue) at 12:01am

The 4th My Rap Name is Alex album, Ecowrap is now available.
New #40SecondSong Video series begun (just for fun)
Jan.07.2018(sun) at 08:13am

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