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My Rap Name is Alex



Going to go Back There Someday
Sep.28.2020(mon) at 7:00am

Much is made of the song 'The Rainbow Connection' from the Muppet Movie. It's a great song. But I've always thought the true hidden gem was Gonzo the Great's 'I'm Going to Go Back There Someday.' Sometimes you absolutely love a song as a child and you still love it just as much as an adult.
The Fly on Mike Pence's Head
Oct.08.2020 (thu) at 5:00am

David Doel, the Rational National, was getting really frustrated by the vice presidential debate... and then all of a sudden he wasn't. What a difference the Fly on Mike Pence's head makes.
Don't Ever Use the word Smart with Me
Oct.02.2020 (fri) at 12:00pm

In Tuesday's Presidential Debate Donal Trump said 'Don't Ever Use The Word Smart With Me.' Wow! I couldn't agree more.
Nina Turner speaks Truth to Power. Hello Somebody!!
Sep.18.2020(fri) at 5:00pm

Nina Turner Speaks Truth To Power and not just when it's convenient or comfortable! Hello Somebody!
Donald Trump Geography Genius
Aug.16.2020(sun) at 3:00pm

Donald Trump would like to share some things that he knows about Geography and World History from a genius' perspective.
Weijia Jiang vs. Donald Trump
May.13.2020(wed) at 9:30am

The only thing left to do was to set it to music.
New 14 track live album, "Live bits & Beats"
May.1.2020(fri) at 8:30pm

The 5th My Rap Name is Alex album, Live bits & Beats is now available. It includes live looped tracks from my YouTube channel, 4 live tracks with the band that I'm in, BloodThirsty Vegans, and vintage older material from when I was just starting out as a performer including a cool collaboration with the band Ibis.
Republicans trashing Trump [Rex Tillerson, Barb Bush, Boener, Graham & More!]
Feb.12.2020(wed) at 6:00pm

Many Republicans seem afraid to speak out against Trump these days. But it has not always been thus.
Dec.01.2019(sun) at 11:00am

Love. An original song by My Rap Name is Alex with improvised live loop music. Dancing by Sophia and Aya.
A Fun Look Back at My Rap Name is Alex
Nov.15.2019(fri) at 10:00am

A nostalgic look back at some My Rap Name is Alex and BloodThirsty Vegans moments while I improvise some new loop music on two ipads and a keyboard controller.
New 20 track album, "Ecowrap"
May.1.2018(tue) at 12:01am

The 4th My Rap Name is Alex album, Ecowrap is now available.
New #40SecondSong Video series begun (just for fun)
Jan.07.2018(sun) at 08:13am

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