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My Rap Name is Alex. For many years I was a shy keystyler, writing rap lyrics into message forums on the internet and being terrified about the thought of ever performing any of them. Around 2004 --with the help of local open mics and the performance poetry group, Ice-9-- I came out of my shell quite a bit and became a performance poet.

In 2007 I became an rapper in the band BloodThirsty Vegans and felt the power of combining music wit the themes of peace, love, tolerance and justice that I was writing lyrics about.

I was moved to write by my outrage at our species choosing war and destruction over peace, choosing violence and cruelty over kindness, and choosing pollution and waste over our continued existence. I never set out to be in a band but a really good band heard my poetry and decided to join forces so I set my social commentary to music and never looked back.

In 2013 I developed and interst in Loop music and started a looping website called Live Loopers and embarked on adventure to find my own musical voice whenever BloodTHirsty Vegans are otherwise occupied.

In 2015 I began a Patreon campaign at and some YouTube channels shortly thereafter.

at My Rap Name is Alex YouTube channel
at My Rap Name is Alex bits n pieces

My music is also available on a pay-what-you-can-afford bandcamp store at .

So the message and the music are now available in a variety of ways.

Peace & Love & Tolerance & Justice,
-My Rap Name is Alex

Musical Description:

My Rap Name is Alex touches screens and machines to create intense musical soundscapes and raps over that with lyrics about Peace & Love & Tolerance & Justice.
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