A Little Help Concert

Apr.12.2020(sun) at 8:00pm

April 11th of 2020 I played a facebook live set for a facebook group called a Little Help For Our Friends. The next day I edited the best bits of that set together and came up with this mini-concert video.

New 10 track album, "Space Beats: and other sonic treats"

May.1.2016(sun) at 12:01am

The 3rd My Rap Name is Alex album, Space Beats has arrived from outer space.

Northern Spirit Radio Interview

Nov.11.2017(sat) at 10:00am

Have a listen as Northern Spirit Radio host Mark Helpsmeet interviews me about life, living life based on your principles, using music to have a positive impact on the world and plays the audio from several of my youtube performance videos. 55 minutes.

Appearance on the Greg Sterlace TV Show

Dec.12.2016(mon) at 02:00pm

Over the weekend I had the honor of being on the Greg Sterlaceless Greg Sterlace show. I can definitely recommend the whole show, but in particular I was super pleased with how my live performances came out. I have been working for years to try to get my performances to a level like this and this gives me hope that I am getting there. This link should take you to the performances I think (which begin about 15 minutes into the show).

My Rap Name is Alex: Now on Soundcloud

Jun.03.2016(fri) at 5:15pm

I never started a soundcloud for my My Rap Name is Alex music because I never knew what I would put onto it.But recently I've been making a lot of music with and I do have a bunch of odds and ends from the past that I'd like to make available somewhere. So, soundcloud will be the place then. It'll be like my my little secret stash but not.

New 20 track album, "Collage Radio"

May.1.2015(fri) at 12:01am

BIG News! I have just released my second full length music album, Collage Radio. It features a collaboration with my partner in rhyme, MC Vendetta, of the BloodTHirsty Vegans. A collaboration with my partner in life, Sophia. A really cool collaboration with my partner in being broke, Hooizzy (with production by Joe V of the EVC). Also, there is a track I did with a bunch of the original BloodThirsty Vegans. There are several songs that feature music from one of my favorite groups of all time, fudgychewie, including a full on collaboration with them near the beginning.

The CD is available for the amazingly affordable price of 'Pay what you think it's Worth' and comes in bleeped(Radio Edit) and unbleeped(uncensored) flavors. The awesome cover collage was created by Sophia. Thanks also to all of the community activists and parents of young children who contributed their voices to this project. Click here to give a listen.

Free 30 minute dance party! by My Rap Name is Alex

Aug.22.2014(fri) at 9:37am

Free 30 minute dance party! by My Rap Name is Alex

On Saturday, August 2nd I was supposed to play a free 30 minute set outside on Allen Street as part of the Buffalo infringement Festival. Unfortunately there was a downpour that day and I was rained out. Not to be defeated I went back home, set up my gear, set up some cameras and played the music that was bubbling up inside of me begging to get out.

The video was too dark, that audio quality didnít really turn out, but I got mega inspired. I decided I could become a musician AS A JOB *AND* I could start offering my music on a ďpay what you canĒ basis. The next day I began plans to start a Patreon page and after just circulating the link to a handful of friends and family members I am already half way to what would be a comfortable living for me. Please click the Patreon link above if you are able to contribute.

SO now itís a couple weeks later and my love person, Sophia, was kind enough to run cameras for me (and did a great job). These are different songs than the set I recorded at first (I tend to shuffle the cards in my set book and play whatever comes up). Ended up being a great set. I hope you enjoy it! Free Dance Party!

the Set List:
0:00 - Row Your Boat
4:08 - g.e.a. #4 (& some #2)
9:30 - Bulls on Parade (Rage Aginst the Machine cover)
14:04 - Toaster
19:16 - Get the Feeling Right
22:48 - I - Uh!

Here is a link to all the lyrics:

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